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AAWAZ, a five-year Voice and Accountability programme is funded by UKAid through DFID to strengthen civil society and to contribute towards the development of a stable, tolerant, prosperous and democratic Pakistan, which can meet the basic needs of its people and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The planned outcome of the programme is that democratic processes in Pakistan are more open, inclusive and accountable to citizens, especially women and excluded groups by 2017. 

The programme has four distinct outputs:

  • Women better able to participate safely in politics and in public spaces at federal, provincial and local levels in KP and Punjab.
  • Citizen and communities better able to preempt violence and work together peacefully for common solutions in KP and Punjab.
  • Women and other excluded groups better able to demand improved delivery of services in KP and Punjab.
  • Evidence generation is improved, synthesized and timely communicated/advocated with political leaders/decision makers in KP and Punjab.

Interventions will be implemented in over 4,500 villages/neighborhoods/settlements in 45 districts across Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa provinces.  AAWAZ will work with civil society and governments at local, provincial and national levels to increase public and social accountability leading to government reforms. The first three outputs are being implemented by consortium partners, which comprises of Aurat Foundation, South Asia Partnership-PK, Strengthening Participatory Organization and Sungi Foundation. The areas of activity under the first three outputs are closely linked to each other to ensure that women and other marginalized groups are enabled and encouraged to participate in community processes and decision making, gain political voice, and are able to articulate their priorities. AAWAZ achieves this by reducing violence against women, and increasing the safe participation of women and other excluded groups in politics and governance structures. AAWAZ works towards enhancing tolerance for diversity, and to strengthen the capacity of communities to preempt disputes peacefully without resorting to violence, and enable them to work constructively together to solve local problems and improve service delivery.

AAWAZ proposes a Theory of Change that seeks to accomplish the following:

-       Increasing the range of social actors in politics through greater gender inclusion;

-       More coordinated issue-based politics through community cohesion and tolerance;

-       Greater political accountability;

-       Encouraging issue-based politics that draws on evidence and research

AAWAZ is managed by Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI), the Management Organization (MO) for implementing the AAWAZ programme, and is being implemented by five leading civil society organisations, namely, Aurat Foundation (AF), Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO), South Asia Partnership-Pakistan (SAP-PK) and Sungi Development Foundation (SF).




AAWAZ is a DFID-funded, five-year Voice and Accountability programme to strengthen civil Society

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