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Programme Outputs

Women Better Able To Participate Safely In Politics And In Public Spaces

Women’s exclusion in the formal arena of politics is a historic and global phenomenon. Despite several international conventions, covenants and commitments to gender equality, the gender gap with only 19 percent women in the world parliaments is stark and abysmal. The gender imbalance in democracies around the world is a continuing challenge for the international community. In Pakistan, there is no constitutional bar on the political participation of women as voters or as candidates. However, women’s representation in the national legislature has never moved beyond 10% unti

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Citizens And Communities Better Able To Pre-empt Violence Peacefully

It needs to be understood that in Pakistan, local disputes can rapidly deteriorate into violence. Family, caste, political and tribal affiliations can be a source of stability but they can also escalate disputes at the same time. In the context of increasing vulnerability and insecurity, there is a fundamental lack of trust in the capacity of existing institutions to equitably and effectively resolve conflicts. A long history of disenfranchisement, corruption, poverty and underdevelopment facilitates conditions of lawlessness, insecurity and extremism,and enables an environment that is cond

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Women And Other Excluded Groups Better Able To Demand Improved Delivery Of Services

In the existing top-down patronage-based system of planning and service delivery the priorities and legitimate demands and of citizens, particularly those from the poor and marginalized sections of society, are not being met. This phenomenon is further accentuated by social divisions along the lines of gender, class, ethnicity and religion, creating a vicious cycle of non-articulation and deprivation that promotes social divisions and exclusion. Consequently, socially marginalized-women, religious minorities, peasants and ordinary workers have little access to the decision-making, policy fo

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Policy, Analysis, Results And Research

Policy, Analysis, Results and Research (PARR) facility is housed in the MO under Strategic Learning Unit (SLU).  
PARR will increase the pressure on decision makers to intensify and hasten change and reform. PARR will synthesise the information and findings from AAWAZ and other programme activities in order to build a robust evidence base around community voice and empowerment and government reform. It works closely with the Implementing partners to build synergies and ensure smooth delivery of the programme objectives. PARR ensures linkages to relevant institutions nationally,

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AAWAZ is a DFID-funded, five-year Voice and Accountability programme to strengthen civil Society

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